seize the memes of reproduction

member is certified organic, nutting edge technology on base. helps you thrustle harder on your way to phalhalla. full throbble. this coin is for members only. the dicker is $member

Mint Club
Prop House

the future of memberships

i truly believe that member is the future of membership. ever since meeting my fellow members i've been been unable to stop thinking about their members



face of base

all time hard

it seems that every time i check my member it's reaching all time hard. i've never been so ready to go so hard so often. i've got one setting now. full throbble



writing mfer

irresponsibly long member

i've been long member since before member had even been around very long. now i'm so long member that i can't get any longer. a la la la la long long li long long long



full sack dev

just breathing heavy

when i first found member it was coming soon. now it's no longer coming soon but i feel that i am. or am i just breathing heavy? no wait, i'm definitely coming soon




comes in handy

lots of projects like to harp on about utility, but in member it's different, it really does come in handy. i've held my hand out numerous times and it alway comes in handy



film creator

cumedy special

member is like a digital comedy club except instead of two drink minimums, i'm required to have two giggle minimums. i've never felt more financially secure or more amused at the same time




join over 18k+ members

what is member?

member is an erc20 meme token on base

how can i purchase member?

member is available for purchase from the uniswap v3 liquidity pool at base:0xa4efe9e8e2a2d5a2ac46805f233b8e49d0e11955

what is the contract address?


which blockchain is it on?

member is deployed on base which is an ethereum layer two using the op stack

what is the token supply?

the max total supply is 4,025,000,000 member (that's 4.025 billion)

are there any airdrops?

50% of the member supply was distributed through airdrops which are now completed

are there memelord rewards?

5% of the member supply is being distributed as rewards to the best meme creators

does member only go up?

sometimes member go up and sometime member go down and you should never own more member than you can afford to lose. just the tip

is there an ecosystem fund?

10% of the member supply is held by member dao along with eth for distribution as grants

are there any legal disclaimers?

although member is nutting edge technology, member is also just a token with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. member is to be used strictly for entertainment purposes. only put in what you're willing to lose. just the tip.

what are the tokenomics?

50% community through airdrops to gami's nft collectors • 20% LP rewards • 14% initial liquidity pool (dao held) • 10% ecosystem fund (dao held) • 5% meme rewards • 1% protocol guild pledge

is liquidity locked?

the initial uniswap v3 liquidity position is held by member dao which is fully onchain just like nouns dao. our largest liquidity position raised through a party crowdfund has been sent to 0x...dead


some member lingo: member go up, member go hard, the dicker is member, hard money, nutting edge technology, the future of memberships, fac, facker, facking, phalhalla, phalhalla awaits, fack your way to phalhalla, the englengthened ones, full sack developer, decircumsised autenormous organstation, seize the memes of reproduction, united states dongers, 1 member > 1 dong, stablecoitus, proof of jerk, scrotocol, base token, hold member, go up, show me your member, certified organic, buy the dip • sell the tip, comes in handy, testemoanials, long member, short member, member of society, !size, fapcaster, full throbble, thrustle harder, all time hard, market fap, just the tip


fack around and find out with member 🫡

meme long enough on /member as a base token and we have hard money sacked by proof of jerk. seize the memes of reproduction and make member go up until global reserve cummency status 💸

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