what is member?

member is certified organic, nutting edge meme technology. helping you thrustle harder on your way to phalhalla. full throbble. join the enlengthened ones. the dicker is $member 🫡
what is member?

jokes aside, member is an erc20 meme token deployed by gami.eth on base. originally called mlm, as in multi-level marketing, it was a satire of crypto pyramid schemes.


during a free nft drop on zora, mlmfer, which served as a commemorative launch announcement, taliskye.eth left a mint comment that read, “member go up.”

✅ certified organic

an immediate rebrand paid homage to the organic emergence of a genius phallic spin on an age old crypto meme, “number go up.” despite the rebrand, gami.eth proceeded to airdrop 50% of the token supply, as planned, on 14k+ nft collectors who’d previously supported his work.

the member distribution served as a show of his appreciation to collectors of his works including gnars, nouns hd on zora and base, and defrauds, as well as other select nfts, released as free mints on zora. collectors of various friends’ collections were also included, as were those who completed certain social proofs of work on farcaster and beyond.

🧑‍🔬 nutting edge

as a token on base, the vision for member, is that it also serves as a base token. for example, $member = base token, while /member = “base token.” ideally it’s utilised as a platform, on which the community can conduct any number of experiments denominated in member, and it’s with this in mind that careful consideration was given to tokenomics:

4,025,000,000 max total supply

note: lp nft was sent to 0x…dead to permanently lock the liquidity boost raised through crowd sale.

loading… supply (live data)

total supply


circulating supply


the member dao treasury holds the initial uniswap v3 liquidity position, meaning it’s effectively locked behind decentralised, fully onchain governance. member token itself does not have voting rights. instead, anyone is able to bid in daily nft auctions with eth to join.

this is thanks to nouns.build and their builder protocol. establishing a nounish dao is a meaningful step towards the long term viability of member token and helps foster a culture of collective creation. dao members are able to submit proposals and vote on how the ecosystem fund will be used, including eth, member, and any other token balances.

📟 meme technology

members pride themselves on being early adopters of the latest and greatest technologies for meme proliferation. we’ve been very fortunate to establish effective flywheels for the creation, distribution, and remuneration of memes produced by the community.

🍆 member got memes

member got memes encourages members to create their best member memes, post them to our mintboard, earn zora protocol rewards (eth) when collected, and earn even more eth when others’ memes are collected via their reflink.

💸 memes for member

memes for member is our meme rewards program with rounds.wtf on a weekly basis. likes by token holders count as votes and at the end of each round, the member allocation is available to claim through a farcaster frame. simply post memes in /members-only and get those likes to qualify.

🏦 member backed memes

speaking of strategic partners, we’ve been very fortunate to work closely with mint.club on our flagship example of member backed assets. by visiting coinmembercap.com you’ll quickly realise how popular this experiment has been with the farcaster community.

in collaboration with mint.club and yougogirl.eth, we produced a farcaster frame that scans a user’s pfp, determines a colour palette, and applies it to their own custom member pfp in one click. a second click takes the user to deploy their new generative art as a member backed 1155 nft on a bonding curve. nicknamed “frametech,” the project is effectively friendtech on farcaster, with many possibilities for the hundreds of users who’ve deployed from their fid.

✊ full throbble

members understand the importance of liquidity when it comes to growth, therefore a well designed liquidity mining program has been implemented. the “member el pee” program rewards member tokens to early uniswap v3 liquidity providers on 0.3% fee.

thanks to the fine folks at coinvise, custom unsiwap integration facilitates a simple claim mechanism, from which liquidity providers can withdraw rewards once thresholds are met. the program is strictly first come, first served, and reward tiers are structured as follows:

tierliquidity amountdurationreward (member)
gold$1,000 USD42 days10,000,000
silver$500 USD35 days3,500,000
bronze$100 USD28 days500,000

claims are open and early liquidity providers, who’ve supported the project since early on, are encouraged to visit our convise claims page once the 28 day minimum has been met. if you’re unsure if this is you, simply check days since your relevant transactions on basescan.

members can add liquidity here.

😇 enlengthened ones

member is inherently a farcaster native project, with members having gathered in various channels faciliated through the warpcast client. we believe this is an important distinction, as it aligns with our reputation as early adopters of new crypto primitives. find us in:

dao members can also join our private, token gated group chat on warpcast. it’s important to unhide your member dao nft on opensea first, as ownership is checked via their api. all members are also invited to follow us on twitter, download assets from our figma, and explore relevant github repos.

ps. seize the memes of reproduction 🍆

pps. the dicker is $member 🫡

legal disclaimer: although member is nutting edge technology, member is also just a token with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. member is to be used strictly for entertainment purposes. only put in what you’re willing to lose. just the tip.